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I had been addicted to sweets and in particular cookies of all kinds for a little more than 15 years. I would demolish 1-2 whole packages of 12 or more in one sitting multiple times a day everyday. I let Felisa do a little test she was working on one day. She asked me to visualized different stuff while she tapped my arm in a few places. I didn't think too much of it being skeptical about all this energy and Universe stuff. To my amazement when she asked me a week later how many cookies I had I realized that I hadn't had any since our little session. All my cravings for cookies were gone completely. Now I hardly have them at all unless they are part of a meal or given to me, but that's not very often at all. That was in 2016. Talk to her and she will amaze you. She really cares about you and wants to see you succeed in all areas of your life. I have purchased her silver program and it has changed my life. I no longer smoke, I drink less, I finally went and started my VA benefits and my whole view of spiritual and energy work has changed dramatically. She's the real deal. Schedule a session with her you'll see.  

Shawn B. 

I wanted to be a medium and see spirits very badly. After one session with Felisa I was able to relax and things unfold naturally. Now that I know not to try to force things to happen I am able to communicate with different alien races and see spirits everywhere. I even wrote a book about it. My session with Felisa was back in 2010. Book your session with her. I had one and I ended up changing my whole career and following my dreams.

John P.

During a conversation I was having with Felisa, some feelings that I thought I had worked through in therapy resurfaced and Felisa did a mini session with me on grounding and changing my aspects that I had intertwined with my birth mother. My confidence in my mothering skills has improved so much that I changed my energy frequency and I feel like a whole new person. I'm doing things that scare me and I don't let fear hold me back anymore. All this took place a few months ago 2019. We have another session this week. I highly recommend at least doing a discovery call with her. She is very informative and helpful. She really wants to help you on the highest level and make sure you're comfortably processing the information you're getting. Book a session or just buy a package.

Amber H.

I developed a shortness of breathe and slight chest pains but the doctor couldn't find what was causing the problem. Felisa felt into the problem and said she was getting a hit on my nervous system. This was amazing because that's exactly what the Naturopath lady had told me recently. She had put me on a treatment and also found that I had a few broken ribs. I still don't know how the doctor missed that one. This was last year 2018. I'm having a reading done next month after my show. Book a reading or scan with her. She's a sweetheart.

Jacob B.

I finally let Felisa do a tarot card for me. I have to say that I am blown away! She really has the gift and all this time I thought she was just playing around. I fully back and support wherever she wants to go with this gift. Book a session with Felisa. She will amaze you. I know she amazed me and I'm hardly ever amazed by anything.

Louise M. 2019

I had been on the fence for years about if I really wanted to be my own boss. I had a really good job; I was really good at it; I had moved up as high as I could there but the hours were finally getting to me because I wanted to be home with my new baby. I was torn because I loved my job but I was tired and missing my baby boy. I had a session with Felisa on getting super clear about what I really wanted and my life purpose. Now I live in a new state with my little family; Living 5 minutes away from my parents and running my own online business and kickin ass at it. This was 5 months ago 2018. I highly recommend booking a session with her as soon as possible.

Tiffany H.

My soul sister and I have been working together on channeling messages for 7 years. We rarely work with others, but we asked Felisa to channel a message for us. We asked her some test questions to see if she vibrating our frequency. We were pleasantly surprised that she was at our level as far as channeling the higher frequencies. Amazing, since she was brand new. If you need channeled messages we highly recommend her. 

Debra B. 2019

I received a channeled message from Felisa through facebook messenger and she was right on point! If you have a question I highly recommend you get a channeled message from her.

Suzette G. 2019

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