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Ocean Rocks

the law of 7 experience

Everything and I mean everything offered here at Law of 7 is submerged in Lemurian energy to help elevate frequencies.  We thru God Source Universe hold infinite space for all who say Yes to the healing energies that are working for your highest good. 

relaxation area

Stress is highly under rated and so we made a list of higher frequency music that has helped to DE-stress over the years. We are now certified in sound healing. We now are able to offer sound baths for frequency DNA clearings.


Ocean Energy, wave energy or hydrokinetic energy refers to the energy carried by ocean waves. Have you ever been to the ocean and felt an automatic calmness rush over you. A peaceful timelessness is how we describe this energy and this is why we include this energy to help to make the transitions in your energy easier and almost effortless.


Solar Energy, radiant light and heat, the source of life on earth. We included this energy to assist with the growth rate and lifting of your energies. Also, the burning off and transmuting of the released and let go energies that are holding you back and are no longer for your highest good.


Lunar Energy, clean energy emitted from the moon, how we feel about things and how our emotions affect others are all influenced by the moon. Emotions make us human and permit change which is why we included this energy. Plus, full moon energy is no joke, super powerful stuff and great times to do intense energy work.

Other energy help

Along with your Soul Tribe, Guides,Family, Arc Angels and Ascended Masters...we bring in only beings of the light and that only want to help like Shaman Healers, Atlantis Angels, the Grandmother Circle, Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, Greek Gods and Goddesses, Hindu Gods and Goddesses and Christ  conscientiousness. You are always safe here and never alone.  

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