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Law of 7 Healing Arts Studio

Buddha Statue

Our Mission here at Law of 7 is to:

Inspire and help creative spiritual men and women to find the purpose behind their creative en devours; To finally feel safe enough to trust themselves to be their true authentic selves and to be brave enough to share the gifts they always had with the world.

This is where the POWER Purpose Priestess comes into play with powerful chroma visualizations and sound bath clearings

This 6 month intensive program uses the Lemurian POWER Method to up-level the healing energies in all the modalities and modules in and around this life changing program.

Lemurian POWER Healing Method:  A new name for a ancient approach to healing that envelopes all in divine love and light from Lemuria (the powerful kingdom that existed before Atlantis). These gentle yet powerful energies have the awesome power to transform lives. POWER is an acronym for Pure love and light, Own your own shit, Worry no more, Energy up-leveling and Renew your self worth. 

Everything offered here at Law of Seven Healing Arts Studio is the compilation of all the most effective modules and modalities Felisa L. M. has worked with and worked thru over the past 15+ years. Felisa is the owner of Law of 7 and is ready to share her gifts and journey with all of you and the world. She wants you to level up in record time and not 10 years from now. Easily, Effortlessly and within 6 months is the goal. You just need to be brave and trust the process. You can do this and you deserve this.

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