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See You Be You 
The Program
How it works

The See You Be You Program is a intensive 6 month offering channeled from God Source Universe to help spiritual men and women to change their lives in record time by working thru each of the 27 modules at your own pace and with ease and grace until you feel an inner shift in your energy and overall feelings and beliefs within and about yourself. Be gentle, be brave, be proud. This work is intense so take the time you need to feel into each module and drink lots and lots of water. I cannot stress keeping hydrated enough.

There are 27 modules and some might take longer than others to work thru. If something feels like its too much for you at that moment put it aside and go to the next module, you can always come back to any of the modules at another time. If you feel a module isnt for you put it aside, but I do recommend goin thru it later. There are videos and audio files for the different techniques and modules. 

Along with the 27 modules, videos and audio files, you also get 2 Live coaching sessions with me (Felisa) for the first 6 weeks. We can touch base and address any issues or questions you might have at that time. Basically I wanna make sure youre doing ok and are progressing thru the program comfortably. After the first 6 weeks we'll have one Live session a month and if you need more time with me we'll work out a schedule that better serves you. You will have a lifetime IN for our private FB community, Lifetime automatic access to new content and videos that gets added to the program. Plus, all the bonusus and free content.

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